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How their member experience drives engagement for them 24-7-365 (Ep 25)

How their member experience drives engagement for them 24-7-365 (Ep 25)

Originially published on the Nudge Coach Blog

This week Josh Cherry, former US Marine and CEO and Founder of Delta Life Fitness, joins us to discuss the importance of nailing your target member persona, creating a memorable client experience, the power of extending your member experience beyond the facility, and how a great member experience can drive fun, community and engagement for you 24/7/375.

[1:51] How Josh’s background in the US Marine Corp as a PTI, physical training instructor, inspired his passion for overall wellness.

[3:03] When it makes sense to open additional business locations using a licensing model versus a franchising model, and the struggles associated with each one (Josh has 22 licensees and 7 franchise locations for Delta Life Fitness today).

[6:07] How it came about that Josh started a female only fitness center. Being passionate about fitness and providing clients solid results only gets you so far when you have to break through the noise of all your competitors.

[7:17] The power of digital marketing and how picking one specific target market can help you to be a sucessful with your overall marketing plan and in your business.

[8:21] When it comes to developing your target persona and marketing strive for:

“Specificity with simplicity." - Josh Cherry

[10:10] The importance of building an overall positive client experience, not just being results driven.

“People join a studio or gym for results but they stay for the experience.” - Josh Cherry

[12:00] Technology applications are huge for client experience in 3 main areas. 1. Easy high tech assessments 2. Technology and immediately following a workout. 3. Community building outside of the gym itself.

[14:40] Delta Life’s three standing challenges each year to help build their client experience.

[16:16] Josh’s take on the importance of scalability for fitness businesses.

[17:21] The advice Josh would give to his younger self for building his fitness business and brand.


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