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Ep 16. How to create digital coaching programs

Ep 16. How to create digital coaching programs

We met Chase Chewning a few years ago when he was growing into a new role as a health coach for members of concierge medical practices at PartnerMD.

I remember Mac mentioning something to the effect of "this guy is really sharp" after they first connected, and I suppose we should've known that his hunger for knowledge and new experience would quickly grow his impact on his clients and influence on the industry.

Only a few years from that first interaction I feel more than comfortable calling Chase, who now also hosts the fast-growing podcast EverForward Radio, a true thought leader when it comes to integrating coaching methodology, business, and technology.

In this interview, we caught up with Chase about his evolution from soldier, to trainer, to digital health coach and entrepreneur,

[3:00] about how digital coaching programs can be the missing link in health and fitness, 

[13:00] about how he developed a program and business model around his digital coaching,

[17:00] about how to price yourself on value,

[23:00] about the importance of meeting your clients where they are for maximum impact, and much more.

Nuggets of Wisdom from Chase Chewning

"I very quickly began to realize that it's that interim, that in-between time and those missing touchpoints that people need if we're going to initiate and maintain any long term success."

"I was looking at it the wrong way. What I really needed to be looking at was all these extra touchpoints that I get that they (other trainers) don't. I can't remember how many times I would work with a personal training client, I would see them maybe once a week or twice a month and in that session they were good, but it was that in-between time that they should have been paying for because as a coach or trainer, if you really want to stack the deck in your client's favor you need to be observing everything from all angles. Not just how much weight are they moving or what their resting heart rate is, but what's the stress level in their life? What's their travel schedule? What's their family situation like? What are their eating habits? What are they doing in their day-in, day-out? Once I really started to re-approach how I package my services and how I was valuing myself and what I was offering I realized, and I honestly still feel like I'm under-priced."

"Taking hold of that moment, that part of their life where they have that light bulb click on - that's where we need to meet them. And we need to help them carry that light forward."

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